Design & Development

Our experience working with a variety of suppliers and factories, including our own, means that no product or design is too ambitious to achieve. 

One of the company’s greatest strengths is that we stock an extensive standard range of product which is available to our customers on a next day delivery service, however there may also be customers or certain situations where our customers require an adaptation, customised or completely bespoke product – we can do that too. We have grouped these products and services under the banner of Matrix ID.

We have achieved long lasting and successful relationships with our customers by listening to their needs and continually adapting our business, products and services to meet the needs of an ever-evolving working world. This attitude has a direct influence on the business and the products we produce, with the technologies and skills at our disposal we can take any number of considerations into play when making a product, for example, a polo shirt worn by a worker in a foreign climate such as the Middle East, must be identical in appearance to one worn in Dublin, but use innovative fabrics and techniques to keep the wearer cool.