Online Ordering

Our Business Development at Matrix Uniforms is to become as straightforward and attractive a supplier for our customer to work with as possible. 

Online development in the 21st Century is naturally a key part of the business development profile going forward. Giving our customers the ability to place orders, view order history, track orders and more – 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world – has been a huge step forward for client and supplier alike.

Switch to online ordering today and minimise the margin for error.

It is rare, but errors can occur when placing orders over the phone, they are almost always due to a hearing or human keystroke error, sadly it is impossible to complete eradicate.

By placing your order in our webshop you check all of your order details prior to clicking that “Place Order” button, giving you the peace of mind that all of the details are correct. In addition, by allowing us to create your customer portal online, you can identify with pictures of the products rather than simply product codes, this visual identifier also making it far easier for less experienced members of your team to place orders accurately.

Customising the portal – efficiency and control.

We have made every effort to ensure our web portal is easy and efficient to use. In all of our processes we try to ensure simplicity and streamline regularly to ensure no process is more complicated than it needs to be. With that being said, we offer customer the opportunity to customise their ordering portal if there are further efficiencies to be gained in their infrastructure, using the portal to remove burden from managers, supervisors and directors through control measures, ensuring they do not have to monitor “who is ordering what”.

Our custom ordering solutions allow you to control your uniform and PPE supply throughout your organization at the click of a button. Every facet of your businesses inventory can be controlled, across one branch, or many :

  • Manage the products that are available, restrict employees garment range by branch, territory, position or budget.
  • Assign orders to specific employees and have them man packed for ease of distribution on delivery.
  • Select embroidery or printing options for your garments, or the information prepopulated for efficiency.
  • Set budgetary controls in order to maintain pre-set levels across vast organizations.
  • Track previous orders and manage returns.
  • Have a web linked created from your own website to allow agency staff to order products for job placements.

The potential for these portals is quite literally, limitless. They can bend and stretch to meet any company’s specific requirements to create the ultimate efficiency tool.

Combine this with our managed account service to create an industry leading solution for your business.