Products & Sourcing

Our products help define the profiles or our customers and their work force, this demands a product designed to be fit-for-purpose and made to the highest quality. 

People spend a great deal of time at their places of work and by association, in their work uniform. We therefore aim to create items which are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and represent a valuable investment for the wearer and the purchaser. These are big promises. This means the product we distribute and manufacture in our ranges is tried and tested by our team in-house, so from our cheapest t-shirt to our most expensive jacket, the performance and quality is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Throughout our trading history, both Matrix Uniforms and our partners have built up extensive experience working with one and other, our relationships and rock solid and we avoid toxic relationships regardless of perceived monetary gain. We have been working with several of our suppliers since our inception in 2000 and are proud to develop new relationships every year. By establishing these strong bonds, we protect our clients directly from price increases, stock delays and product faults, all of which carry very real financial costs to our customers.