Reporting & Efficiency

Keeping costs in line is a crucial part of any business, reducing waste and sustainability are goals for every business we deal with, however putting pounds, euros and dollars is also one – rightly so.

Tried and tested, durable products will certainly be the first step in providing you value for money over time and using our reporting suite, we can quickly find and plug any others “holes in the bucket”.

Using a sophisticated reporting suite, we can help our clients track their ordering habits through metrics such as cost centres, recurring purchase orders, employee names/ID numbers, site names/ID’s and really any others you can define. This allows us to offer you a range of reports on a monthly basis to identify sites, employees or jobs which are spending more on their Uniforms and PPE than you have budgeted, affording you as a business the opportunity to explore the causes.

We can expand on that reporting by analysing products and styles we may be overordering, for example, if you have 50 employees and have used 150 pairs of safety boots in a year – we would analyse this data and come back to you with solutions we would propose to increase durability and reduce total cost.